Press pause on indulgences and reset within!

We won’t judge what you drank or ate this holiday season but we will HELP give your body a much needed reset to your system. 

Whether your goal is detoxing, weight loss or breaking a bad habit, we can provide you with a number of different cleanses that will leave you feeling refreshed from within. Our cleanse programs are designed to help your digestive system work more effectively, increase energy and help the body absorb more vitamins and nutrients. Start your reset now and give your body a break from expending energy that’s used to digest your food.

Each cleanse is made up of six juices per day and an Elixir Shot which is a small wellness beverage with higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Level 1 – Beginner’s Cleanse

New to cleansing or your first time cleansing, Level 1 is a beginners cleanse. The Level 1 is a gentle cleanse made up of juices with a variety of nutrients and flavors and more nut mylk base juices. 

(Recommended juices: Mylkshake, Tropikale (x2), Upbeet, Floridian, Majik Mylk, Recovery (Elixir shot)) 

Level 2 – Intermediate Cleanse 

For the more intermediate juicers, who are looking to step up their cleanse experience. The Level 2 cleanse has more green juices and less of the nut mylk base juices. 

(Recommended juices: Tropikale (x2), Sweetheat, Upbeet, Midnight Mule, Golden Mylk, Pain Killer (Elixir shot)) 

Level 3 – Advanced Cleanse

For those looking for the most challenging cleanse with the deepest detox. This cleanse consists of all green juices. 

(Recommended juices: Tropikale, Sweetheat, Tree Hugger (x2), Upbeet, Midnight Mule, Immunity (Elixir shot)) 

Performance – Active Cleanse

This cleanse is for the active cleanser who wants to detox while keeping up with daily workouts. The Performance cleanse consists of the most nut mylks, proteins and calories. 

(Recommended juices: Mylkshake, Tropikale (x2), Golden Mylk, Upbeet, Majik Mylk, Recovery (Elixir shot)) 

Skinny – Weight Loss Cleanse 

For those looking to slim down, reduce bloating and boost energy. The Skinny Cleanse is the least caloric with the least amount of sugar (approx. 1,000 calories a day). 

(Recommended juices: Tropikale, Strawberry Basil, Upbeet, Blueberry, Mylkshake, Recovery, Immunity, Pain Killer (Elixir shot))

Please consult your doctor if you have any medical questions before doing a juice cleanse. 

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